(The Truth About God)

The Truth About God (shared from observation and knowing)

There is so much that can be (and has been) said about God, what can I possibly add? Well, I believe we all have something we can say about our Creator. Even people who don’t believe there is a God have something to say about Him. But you may be wondering why, after all these years, I am finally speaking up about my belief in God, and I want you to know how this came about.

First, let me explain that I was apparently born with a “knowing” about the nature or essence of God. I don’t know why, but I “know” things about the reality of God more than I “know” the reality of myself. And that’s how I will be approaching this blog series. This does not mean that I am special – or at least no more special than anyone else. Perhaps we all have something we are meant to be or to know and we are each challenged to find out what that purpose is. And I don’t expect you to take my word for any of this – in fact, I don’t recommend anyone takes the word of anyone in these matters. But I hope you will check these things out for yourself. I promise that if you truly seek the Truth, you will find it.

Also, I need to get the business about pronouns out of the way. I thought long and hard about this topic because I do not believe God, our Father, is a man. But I also don’t think He warrants an “it” pronoun. He is very real and alive to me, and I have thought about Him as Father all of my life. I cannot change that now. But I urge you to ignore this aspect of the discussion (at least for now) because we’re talking about a being who is only one of a kind. There are no others. He has no sex, just as He has no limited height or width or weight or any other physical attribute that would make him into a created being. He is the Creator and we are the created.

So why now? There’s a very simple reason. I have spent my life listening to people malign the most wondrous being in existence. It breaks my heart because I truly believe I know His nature. And after all these years, my fear of being attacked for my beliefs is now outweighed by my desire to share them with others who are also seeking the Truth about God. In this series I hope to talk about His essenceT and nature, His attributes, and His great Love for all of His Creation. I will rely on various versions of “holy” books – the Bible, etc. – and I will supplement with other writings and arts. Mostly, I will be telling you about the kinds of misinformation, missing information and warped interpretations I have discovered over the years… ideas that have directed people away from their loving Creator.

I will also feel free to let you know when I can’t explain the “why” of something. There are many holes in my understanding, but I am not done looking for answers. So I will share as honestly as I can and it is my sincere hope that these words will reach those for whom they are intended. I invite you to the conversation. I will not open this site up to public discussion because we’ve all had enough of that in social media. But I will be delighted to hear from you by email: lindathewriter@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading. May the Truth set us all free!